Best Day Spa Treatments in CairnsDays Spas Cairns Please phone Tanya on 0408 054 538

Day Spas Cairns

Day Spas Cairns

We are an amazing progressive Day Spa. We are focused on results –

All our practitioners/Massage therapists are currently studying a new modality besides their existing massage certification. We encourage this to maintain enthusiasm and to benefit you!

One is studying Emmett therapy (similar to bowen therapy)….another is studying a diploma in Kinesiology. We are striving to be better practitioners everyday.

We all have at least ten years of clinical experience and are aware of the annoying situation of going to a day spa and coming away feeling like the therapist just gave you a ‘spa’ massage instead of a great remedial or deep tissue massage that actually fixed your problem.

Depending on your treatment – some of our treatments you can claim via health funds so this is a huge plus for you!

Our practitioners are used to treating people at all stages of their conditions – from stressed out muscles just needing a good full body massage to relax and bliss out, to having a really painful acute condition that needs work… chronic, long term problems where – you are at the end of your tether….where you are looking for your last resort. We can help you at all these stages.

Treatments at a Glance:

Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes

Deep but relaxing Massage 60 minutes

Warm Bamboo Massage 60 minutes

Relaxation Massage 60 Minutes

Acupuncture 60 minutes

Do you suffer from – Back Pain/Sciatica, torn rotator cuff, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, Neck pain/Headaches, Infertility, breech baby, being overdue for labour, Menopause or any other medical condition please call Tanya on 0408 054 538 for a chat today.

Are you putting up with excess weight, insomnia, no energy, a painful ailment or any other unresolved medical conditon – please phone Tanya on 0408 054 538.

Cupping or Gua Sha 60 minutes

Choose your own adventure 90 minutes

Couples Massage 60 minutes

Tanya Galvin….one of the main therapists here….has 14 years full time clinical experience. Tanya is internationally experienced having worked on Cruise Ships around the world as an Acupuncturist and Massage therapist. Previously Tanya also ran a highly successful Acupuncture Clinic in Shepparton in Country Victoria for 7 years. After Cruise ships she has now set up here in Cairns.

Tanya specializes in Acupuncture for fixing your pain.

Day Spas Cairns

Day Spas Cairns

Day Spas Cairns

Day Spas Cairns